Is Neither an Option?

Not terribly long ago, I was accused of being a hipster. A hipster. I was wearing a dress and a cardigan and because of this, this person assumed I was a hipster. A few days later, someone else called me basic. I was wearing jeans and a sweater with riding boots and walking out of a Starbucks. Let’s be clear. I don’t really consider myself either a hipster or basic. I doubt most people who know me would think I was one or the other either. But my outfit and choice of beverage seem to poor choices with which to marginalize me.

First of all, I feel like I am too old to be a hipster. The fact that I like vintage clothes and red lipstick does not make me a part of this culture. I do not want to be associated with this culture. Hipsters are (considered to be) obnoxious. Yes, I am an artist. Yes, I prefer environmentally friendly practices. Yes, my political views lean more toward the liberal. But my taste in music, while called alternative, is all about 20 years old. I didn’t like anything before it was cool, in fact, I tend to join the trend game years after the fact. I like to wait to join the bandwagon until all of the trendsetters have fallen off and the kinks have been worked out.

On the other hand, I am not sure that I could be called basic in earnest either, but why this has become a derogatory term, I am not sure. Liking mainstream things is what makes them mainstream. I love Taylor Swift. I love everything in pumpkin flavors (though I tend to go for the Chai Tea rather than the Pumpkin Spice Latte). I buy coffee almost exclusively from Starbucks because every 12 drinks is free. Also, because in grad school there was a Starbuck IN MY BUILDING and another one next door to my apartment. It is a habit. Familiar and comfortable. I love Sex and the City. In case you have forgotten, it was a revolutionary television series in the late 90s/early 2000s. I like a lot of the same things that everyone else likes because is is good stuff.

Why is this decade long battle between the culture and the sub-culture resulting in pigeon-holing the rest of us into boxes we don’t want to be in? I am neither a flapper nor a teetotaler. Neither a hippie nor a square. Neither a hipster nor basic. I like what I like and refuse to apologize because you can’t figure out which side I am on. I like exactly what I have always liked. 90s music that makes me laugh, Disney Princesses, Superheroes, the color pink, pretty much any movie or television show ever made (not reality TV, that is pure garbage). I like history and fashion from previous decades (as everyone does since there is nothing fashion has come up with in the last several hundred years that has not been done before).

So, please, stop calling people names. Sorry I don’t fit perfectly into a category so you can accept or dismiss me depending where I fall. I am exactly who I am. I am not one thing or another. I am a lot of different things and in no way many others. I am neither a hipster nor am I basic. So find something else to call me.