Choose Your Own Adventure

I have been out of work for about a month now. In the grand scheme of things, I know that is not very long. A lot of people are out of work these days. I am not trying to support a family or make rent for the month. I am just a recent graduate trying to figure out her next move. The issue is knowing what is a step in the right direction and what is not. I believe that there is a path. There is the right path that one is supposed to follow that holds the best possible outcome and then a, not wrong, but different path with a slightly different ending. Much like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. There is the best possible ending where you defeat the monster and save all the people, there is the worst ending where you just die or something awful happens and then there are ok endings. If I am being perfectly honest, I used to cheat and read the end to be sure I made the best choices throughout the book. The issue I have in real life, is that you can’t check the end of the book to make sure you are going the right way.

I have been praying for a job to come along for a while now. I have a very clear picture about what this job should be and have been waiting since March to hear back about this one perfect job. The job does not even begin for another couple of months. There are a few other similar jobs that I would just as happily accept that have had start dates starting over the last two weeks. It is not like the job has been filled and I am waiting for something that no longer exists, they just haven’t even starting hiring yet. Still, I am going crazy.

All this stress came to a head today because I was offered a job today. The job is a short contract, not exactly in my field, and in a city I am not set on moving to. On the other hand it is a job. How do you know what to chose? One way is more of the same, waiting (not very) patiently for the right job to come along. The other is to take a chance on a job that may lead to something better or may keep you from the job you have actually been waiting for and leaving you right back where you started a month later. I wish I could take a peek at my future to see if I made the right choice. I guess I will have to continue to be patient and wait, regardless of my choice.


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