Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close


I am not really into the idea of writing book reviews because as I have learned from years of reading reviews, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, that in no way means that my experience will be the same.

I loved this book. I think it is especially poignant to girls my age going through this particular stage of life (single, in your mid- to late twenties). The book is episodic, which I find makes it easier to read because you can read a chapter and not have to reread it when you pick the book back up a few days later. It focuses on one girl in particular, Isabelle, but also has chapters dedicated to her friends. They have all graduated from college and are now navigating city life, the job market, the world of dating, and being the single girl when all of your friends are in relationships, getting married, having babies, or in law school.

I feel like this book encompasses the issues that many girls are going through. My generation graduated from college with the promise of awesome jobs only to find that the market had tanked and no one could find work. We tend to be career driven with no careers to speak of. Friends are in serious relationships, married, getting married, having kids, and sometimes it seems like that is all they care about. Their “real lives” have started and some of us have been left behind, still waiting for that dream job and wondering when I too will have it all figured out.

I highly recommend this book to anyone in this stage of life, or who can remember how it feels to be an adult, but not quite a grown-up.


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