The Most __________________ Time of Year

Thanksgiving. It comes at a time of year when everyone is asking what you want. What do you want? What do you want? What do you want? It kicks off what has regrettably become the season of selfishness. This is not to say that some people do not do amazing and selfless things this time of year, but the general populous has clearly forgotten what this time of year is supposed to be. Today is about being thankful for what we already have, which kicks off a season that is about giving. It is not a season designed around receiving gifts, good sales, and over-eating, but this is what it has become.

Have you ever looked around, while at stores, restaurants, or wherever you may be this time of year? The last couple of days, I have seen more rude behaviors than I have in the last several months. People are stressed and rushed and take it out on those around them. Have you ever looked at yourself this time of year. Do you take the season’s meaning to heart or do you buy into the consumer mentality?

Many families, on Thanksgiving, go around the table and state what they are thankful for this year (in my family, this time fell immediately after handing over your Christmas list so Mom can plan her Black Friday strategy). I was never a fan of this game. Mostly, I think, because I knew about all the new toys to come, and was not feeling thankful for the old crummy ones I already had. This year, when many may think I have nothing worth being thankful for, I am feeling more grateful than I may have ever been. I may not have a job or a home of my own, but I am well fed, warm, and just getting into my favorite time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving