Meeting New People

They say it is more difficult to meet new people as an adult, whether it be after college or after 30 or after whatever event in you life makes you an actual bone fide adult. Looking back on my days as a college student, I am not sure I ever just met anyone. I have never been sitting alone in a coffee shop or walking around a bookstore and just met a stranger and actually kept up with that person. I have maybe had a two minute conversation with someone new, but never have I become friends with an absolute stranger. I have never dated anyone that was not either in my immediate social circle or just outside it. I have met people in class, at work, or through other friends and that is it.

How is it that people meet anyone that is really and truly new. Maybe in days long past before cell phones were equipped to keep us individually entertained for hours on end. I can’t remember the last time I was sitting somewhere alone and looked approachable. Or saw anyone who did. If you see someone sitting alone in a coffee shop or a bar, they are almost always on their phone. Even if their companion has simple run to the bathroom. No one likes to spend so much as two minutes with their guard down where a stranger could possibly approach them. So then why do people complain about the struggle to meet new people as adults? Do adults really want to meet new people. Do I?

To be honest, I am not so sure I do. I like my current people. And through them, I could potentially meet new people that I am already predetermined to get along with. I say all this while sitting in a Starbucks, headphones in typing away on my laptop. Everyone in here is focused on something else. Books, laptops, cellphones, other people. It is rare for anyone to so much as make eye contact with anyone else. So the question I have is: Is it really harder to meet people as adults, or have we just totally and completely stopped trying?


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