Once More, With Feeling!

Today I am marking the “Official Launch” of this blog. You’re probably like, “Hey, there are already several posts on this site dating back to last fall.” Yes, there are. But, today marks the first day I am telling people about it. I have been kind of a lackadaisical blogger over the last year, but now, I have an actual plan. Also, I think a blank blog is lame.

So, in case you are interested in reading what I have to say, here is what you are getting yourself into. Once a week, I will write about whatever I am thinking about that week. My opinions, my thoughts, mostly centering around events in my life. Twice a month, I will write a piece in a series called “Adventures with Friends.” These pieces come from a conversation that I have with my friends (a group of ladies who have agreed to be a part of this email list and contribute when they feel so inclined) focusing on one topic or question. I compile the ideas and post them. I will also write Book Recommendations, do a few DIY tutorials, and (hopefully) include travel tips. Travel tips could be anything thing from tips on how to travel to cool places to check out when you go to the places I go. Those tidbits are completely dependent on when and if I am able to travel. I love to travel, but I am not in a position financially to travel all that much these days. I plan to post three days a week. That is the plan. I would not set your watch to it…

Should you want to join the email list for the “Adventures with Friends” conversations, click the link at the top of the page. Right now, the group consists of people I know personally, all female, but if you are interested, you are welcome. Male, Female, Friends, Nemeses, Strangers, and anyone else. Maybe not my nemeses… You know who you are.

Today also marks the end of the unintended year I spent at home and the beginning of the intended year I will be spending at home. Hopefully, following this year (or shortly thereafter) I will be moving to Los Angeles to follow my lifelong dream. In case you do not know me, I am a costume designer who desperately wants to work in film. Which I will, so no worries there. Right now, I am stuck in Missouri. Today marks the day that I start making the best of it.

Here we go. Once more. With feeling.


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