Merry in a Hurry

The Renaissance Festival has been in town for the last few weeks and we have been trying to go, but have yet to have any luck on that front. I, for one, think it is kind of a waste of an opportunity to show up at a renaissance faire without at least attempting to dress the part. While most people think wearing a costume to an event like this would make them feel out of place, I believe the opposite is true.

Image Credit: Cliff Lipsonl/CBS via

Image Credit: Cliff Lipsonl/CBS via

The project for today is BY NO MEANS a historically accurate costume. It is really far from what anyone would actually have worn. But this was very last minute, so this is what I was able to do. For next year’s festival, we will be making actual costumes that require actual planning, so stay tuned for that!


So, here is what you need:

Full length dressI wore a maxi dress that I already had. It is part of the LC by Lauren Conrad May 2014 collection for Kohls.

Flowers. I use a sprig of pale pink delphinium that I bought from Jo-Ann Fabrics for $5.99.

Ribbon. I used a 1/4″ thick cream colored ribbon that I already had. Probably 1 1/2 yards total.

Shoes. I lucked out here because I have a really cool pair of sandals that my sister bought for me from Swank Boutique in Columbia, Missouri. They are Sseko Leather Sandals. I have long since lost the straps, but I continually replace them with a grosgrain ribbon of whatever color I am feeling that day.


The only real effort I put in here was the flower crown, so here is how to make that.

1. Materials. I bought flowers that matched my dress and that I thought were pretty. I did not want anything to big or overwhelming, so I went with this sprig of delphinium. It had about 10 decent sized flowers on it, and I felt that was enough. You can always add more or use larger flowers if you prefer.


2. Cut each of the flowers so they still have a bit of a stem, but no longer than 1 1/2″ – 2″.

Snip Snip

3. Once you have all of the flowers cut, organize them by size. I wanted the largest flowers in the center and gradually smaller going out. The two largest in the middle and then the next two smallest on the out side of those and so on.

Line Up

4. I cut the ribbon long enough to fit around the crown of my head and then left enough on both sides to tie a descent sized bow. If you have long hair, that is especially key. If the ribbon is too short, it is more likely to be a pain to tie without catching a decent amount of your hair in it. With longer ribbon, you will have more room to work around your hair. I tied a knot on both sides to mark the circumference of my head. This told me how far to line up the flowers.

Measure Twice

5. I set the flowers out on the ribbon to see where to line them up. I folded the ribbon in half to mark the center and worked from one side first. I started in the front with the largest flower and then went to the end spacing evenly to the middle.

Space Out

6. Then I cut 10 pieces of ribbon about 2″ – 2 1/2″ to tie the flowers to the band.

Little Ribbons

7. Then I tied each of the flowers to the band by tying the small piece of ribbon around both the long ribbon and the flower. Be sure to knot it tight so the flower does not come lose while you are out.

Tied Up


8. Repeat until you have tied all of the flowers on.


So, here I am, ready to go. Not the pillar of historical accuracy, but enough to feel festive.



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