Thanks for the Memories: Part I

10 Years

July has been quite a trip down memory lane. I have been traveling quite a bit and on these trips I have seen a lot of friends from past lives. Last weekend, one of my very best friends from high school got married and our little group of four was all together for the first time in several years. And, to cap it all off, my 10 year high school reunion is Saturday. This post is to serve as kind of a before and after for our reunion. I honestly have no idea what to expect. I do not know who will be showing up and who will pass on the event. I have not really kept up with most of my graduating class save for a handful of friends who have kept in touch and random run-ins over the past 10 years. I am not on Facebook, so that adds an element of surprise that most people will not experience.

Here is what I remember from high school. I don’t really feel like our class was particularly “clique-y”. I know there are surely people who disagree, but I never felt particularly persecuted. I was not what anyone would call popular and, honestly, I am not sure how well liked I was. I was a drama kid, choir kid, honors student. My number one goal was getting into college out of state, but not enough to waste all of my time studying. I was an A-student for the most part, but got a few B’s here and there in classes that required more attention than I was willing to give.

What you need to know going into this week with me is that I LOVED high school. I went to every football game with my face decked out in gold glitter. I was in every school play. I got to school every morning about an hour before classes started and stayed hours after everyday for extracurricular activities. My senior year, I was the president of the Drama Club, a member of two choirs, French Club, National Honors Society, Volunteer Knights. Yes, I was one of those kids.

I loved high school, and then I left my hometown as soon as I possibly could and never looked back. Come Saturday, we shall see how I feel about high school now. An evening of reminiscing with people that I wish I had kept up with, with people I forgot about, with people I didn’t know I missed, and with people that I hoped I would never have to see again. I truly have no idea what to expect. I am nervous and excited.

I do know that no matter what happens, the person who was by my side every second of every day during high school (and middle school and elementary school), will be by my side once again on Saturday. So whatever we have to face, we will face together. Best Friends Forever.


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