Happiness Is… Getting Creative: Part II

So, in case you missed it, I am doing a Happiness Project this year. This post is the conclusion to my first month, Happiness Is… Getting Creative. For more info on my project, or the Happiness Project concept by Gretchen Rubin, follow the links to my previous posts or to Gretchen Rubin’s website to start on your own Happiness Project.

July has proved to be a much busier month than I had intended. I feel like I was constantly on the road or preparing to hit the road. I had about 4 days this entire month where I was not working or traveling. And those days off were primarily spent packing, unpacking or cleaning. All of this to say, I did not have a whole lot of time to sit in a coffee shop and stew in creative juices. I do feel like I spent a large chunk of this month doing creative things, just not the things I was hoping I would do. So, here is the update.

My first goal was to spend time everyday sketching. I did spend some time drawing, but not daily. I found it challenging to draw something when I had nothing in particular to draw. I will start designing some shows here soon, so that will hopefully give me a little push to work on this a little more. Last weekend, I went to a museum in Pittsburg that specifically showcases the Cartoon Arts, called the ToonSeum. They were previewing an exhibit on Superheroes which is going to be fantastic. In the front of the museum, they have a little bookstore where I picked up a book I have been wanting for a while. It is called How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way written by Stan Lee and John Buscema. I will say, since making this purchase, I have been drawing most every day as I have been working my way through the book. So, maybe what I really needed was something that would interest me and teach me new techniques that maybe I will prefer to what I was taught previously. We shall see.

My second goal was to start an Etsy shop. The problem here is that I still have no idea what I would want to sell in my shop. Until I do, it seems like a terrible idea to start a shop. I have only really done crafting that was specifically geared toward gifts or things that I needed to get done. Maybe next month I can do a little more soul searching as to what I might actually want to make and sell. If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE, send them my way.

My third and final goal for July was to start writing a novel. Which I did. I have started one. Writing is challenging in itself. You have to sit and focus on just one thing at a time, which I really struggle with. I like to be doing at least two things at once at any given moment. Writing a few blog posts every week requires an hour here and there. Writing a novel requires hours upon hours of just sitting and writing. We will see where this goes, but if my attention span for this month is any indication, it will be a very long time before I have anything nearing completion. Now I fully understand why people have to take a year off to write or go to a secluded cabin and stuff like that. Distractions are the enemy of writing.

I would say that my Happiness Project for July was not quantifiably successful, but I still feel pretty good about it. I am heading in a good direction, which I am guessing is all I am going to be able to ask for some months. Monday I will continue this project with Month 2, so stay tuned.


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