Thanks for the Memories: Part II

Ok, here is the report on my 10 Year High School Reunion. It was fantastic. There were people there that I really loved spending every day with while we were in school, some of which I have not seen since the All-Knighter (our school’s post-graduation lock-in). Most of the students from my graduating class, did in fact go to college together. I went away and lost touch with a lot of these people. It was really great to see how people have grown up over the last ten years and how they have not.

Expectations vs. Reality: I am not going to pretend there was not still a bit of cattiness that ten years did nothing to heal. My high school nemesis and I are still nemeses, though, I am not sure I would actually want that to change. I have had other rivals over the years, but she was my first and that is special. There was a clear winner at this year’s reunion. I am sure everyone who was there would agree on who that is. This person blew everyone else out of the water and they knew it. We all knew who it would be going in, we are all aware of it now. And it could not have happened to a better person. I am not sure I would say there was a clear loser. There were a lot of people who are still struggling in one area of their lives or another. Lame jobs, no jobs, living in a crummy city, living with their parents, things like that. Ten years is not really enough time to get it all together. We are all still trying to figure it out.

It was great to reconnect with some of these people. There are a few old friends that I reconnected with that I may, really and truly, stay in touch with this time around. There are a few people that I reconnected with that I will not speak to until the 20 year reunion, if then. Which, makes me a little sad. There were a few people there that I really miss having in my life, but there is not really a place for them. There are a few peopleĀ that I may do a better job of keeping up with, but we will never have the kind of relationship we once did. There are also a few people that it does not matter one bit. We may see each other only once a decade from here on out, but it will be as though no time has passed at all.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years, but a lot hasn’t. And I like it that way. Being surrounded by a group of people who are exactly your age, who were raised in the same community as you can be a really helpful gauge. Seeing these people made me realize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I am not falling behind my peers with concern to my life goals. I didn’t show up as the only person who was still working on becoming a real life adult. I was on par with everyone else.

Going into this reunion, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. There were people there I did not expect to see, which was awesome. There were people who did not show up that I really wish would have been there. Maybe next time. For those of you who are on the fence about going to your reunion, I highly recommend it. Time sometimes will leave us with only the bad memories or certain periods of life. I think that spending a few hours with people from your past may help remind you of all the good times that were had. Granted, if you really hated every second of high school, you may want to skip it. The Queen Bee is still the Queen Bee with her worker bees trailing behind her. The football players are still the football players making dirty jokes and high-fiving one another. The smart kids are still smarter than you, many of which will be huddled in a corner calling each other doctor for the whole of the evening giggling. And me, in the middle of it all, being perfectly happy where I am.


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