If I Stay

If I Stay...

If I Stay is a film based on a book by the same name which was written by Gayle Forman (read my review of the book here). It is a Young Adult novel about a teenage girl deciding whether to live or die following a car accident that leaves her in a comatose state. I loved the book. It is definitely a tear-jerker, but it is a quick and easy read.

As far as the film version goes, I thought it was really faithful to the book. I absolutely loved the casting. Chloe Grace Moretz was a perfect Mia. She is an actress who I am always impressed with. She has great emotional depth, but she can still pull off a believable teenage girl, which is not always the case with young starlets. It was really nice to see Mireille Enos, who played Sarah Linden on The Killing, in such a fun role as Mia’s rocker chick mother. The rest of the cast was equally as wonderful.

I don’t really have that much to say about this one. If you have read the book, then you know what you are getting yourself into. If you haven’t, only see this one if you like this sort of thing. It is a lovely story, and the film truly does a great job of telling that story both visually and audibly (almost everyone in the book is a musician in some capacity, so music is a very important factor). My recommendation is that you do not see the film one morning before work or before you have to be anywhere really. I spent almost two hours crying in the theater and then had to sell clothes to soccer moms and was maybe not at the top of my game. It was a poor choice.

There is a sequel novel entitled Where She Went which I am more interested in reading now than I was after I read the book. I think I needed more time to process the novel and was just so excited about the film that I did not want to spoil it. They have not announced whether or not they will be filming the second book. I am sure that will be determined after the box office numbers are analyzed.

Here is the trailer again, in case you missed it:


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