Happiness Is… Saving for a Rainy Day: Part II

During the month of August, I focused my Happiness Project energies on financial happiness. You can read the before post here. My three goals were to create a budget, determine financial goals, and find additional sources of income.

I did create and stick to a budget. I think I planned well based on my projected income and allotted a good amount for non-essentials as well as savings. I think the most important thing to consider while creating a budget is to be sure to have money for things you like to do. If you do not have money for entertainment and even “little luxuries” (like a new nail polish for fall), the process of saving money is miserable and, I believe, you are more likely to blow it.

I also came up with a few ideas of things to sell on Etsy. I am going to be getting started here soon and will post pictures and links when I get that all to a more finalized place, but I am very excited at the prospect of making money off something I enjoy doing rather than a constant state of working for the sake of money.

I am also about to start designing again this fall (now, really). I have been on a bit of a hiatus, but now I am getting back into the swing of it and I could not be more excited to make a living off the thing I am most passionate about once again.

I did not really spend enough time focusing on figuring out a budget for the big move. I am working on it, but this past month has been crazy at work. You may have noticed how spotty my posting has been, which is because I have been working way too many hours. I am preparing to leave one of the jobs I have now, which may seem counter-intuitive for a girl who has been spending the past month trying to make and save more money. The thing is, it is not worth having a little extra money if you are too stressed and exhausted to do the things you enjoy doing in life. I enjoy writing, I enjoy crafting, I enjoy reading; yet, I have done very little of this lately. So, I am leaving one job in an effort to improve my state of happiness, which is the actual goal of this whole project. I will probably try to find a job to replace this one where the hours are more predictable and hopefully in an industry that I may enjoy more. We shall see how it shakes out. All I know for now is that the money is not worth being miserable.


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