Happiness Is… Making Time

That last couple of months have been very busy, which you know if you have been following along. I had a different area picked out for this month’s Happiness Project, but since I am only getting around to starting it now…

For October, I will be focusing on making more time to do the things I really want and less time being stressed out about work. Lucky for me, I am getting some time off work the next two weeks. Now don’t get too excited, I also have a show opening up in like two weeks, so I will have plenty to do. My hope is that I can use this time off to recalibrate. Even though I have been able to cut down on the hours I am working each week, I have still not been able to catch up. If I can get myself back to a good starting point, maybe I can keep up through the coming months which are always super hectic on their own.

So, three goals:

1. Get back into a good blogging routine. Here’s the deal, I love writing this blog, but I have not really been able to make it a priority in the past few months and I hate that. So, I am going to try to get back in the swing of writing more regularly.

2. Read a book. I mean really good and read it. Not an audiobook while I am running errands, but sit still and read an entire book. Maybe with a cup of tea.

3. Clear off my “To Do” List. There are some things that I have had on my list for months. Emails to send, friends to call, things to craft. I need to get to it. I absolutely love the feeling of having nothing on my list. I feel like only then can you really relax. I will have plenty more to add as we roll in to the holiday season, so better to finish off what I have left from the summer and start fresh for the fall.

Here we go!


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