To Soon?

The subject of when to put up Christmas decorations always seemed like a clear answer to me. After you finish all your Black Friday shopping, you take a nap (because you woke up around 2am) and then you turn on the Christmas music and decorate the house. From then until New Years, it is Christmas time.

For the last several years, it seems like the timeline keeps creeping forward. Black Friday shopping starts on Thanksgiving day. Most stores are now open at 6pm on Thursday, though some are open as early as 6am on Thursday morning. There use to be a magical moment when you would go shopping the day after Thanksgiving and suddenly everyone had Christmas stuff everywhere. Christmas came over night. Now it is far less magical. Christmas comes gradually. Some stores put everything out the day after Halloween. Some stores start in early October. Hobby Lobby starts in July.

I totally get that people decorate their homes on the day after Thanksgiving and therefore stores should begin selling decor prior to Thanksgiving. I also understand that the retail industry needs to pull out all of the stops in order to make their Christmas sales goal, but by bringing Christmas out too early, are we missing out on the holidays that fall has for us? Does the greedy side of Christmas overshadow Thanksgiving. Be thankful for everything you have, buy going out and buying more that you could ever need? Not to mention us suckers who miss out on the holiday all together because we are being forced to work on one of the most major holidays of the year.

I get being prepared for Christmas. Some think that by getting the shopping done early, you then have time to enjoy the holidays. And I can totally see that. Though for me, shopping is one thing that makes Christmas so special.

Christmas is my all-time favorite time of year. I love shopping for other people. I love the cold weather. I am still happy when it snows in March. I love that everything is festive and covered in glitter and lights. I love that everyone dresses up. I love that you see the family members that you haven’t seen in a year. I love that people make a point to see each other. I love the magic of Christmas that no other time of year can replicate. I say that I wish it was Christmas all year round, but wouldn’t that take away the feeling when you finally get to unpack all of the decor, turning on the music, watching your favorite movies?

I think the general consensus is that it is fine for the stores to start getting prepped early as long as they don’t overshadow the holidays that come before Christmas. Halloween and Christmas do not mix. Remember to be thankful for everything you have before rushing out to buy everything you don’t. And whenever you want to start celebrating Christmas, go for it, just be fair to those who like to wait. And a special request from one of my contributors, please only have your Christmas lights up from Black Friday through the week after New Years. People can avoid the stores, but they cannot avoid their own street.


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