Yes, I’m ready.

*May contain vague spoilers regarding the Parks and Recreation series finale that aired last night.*

Leslie Knope

Last night, the series finale of Parks and Recreation aired. A rarity in television finales, we got to see what the long-term future holds for our beloved characters, which was a treat to say the least. The episode featured flashes into the futures of each character (future being relative as this season was already set in 2017) and back to the “present”. After seeing all of the wonderful thing that will come, the episode ended with Leslie and Ben prepared to leave. Ben says, “You ready, babe?” Leslie replies, “Yes. I’m ready.” I feel my life is in a similar state as the show ended. One season is ending and a whole other is beginning. Big changes, big moves, but it feels like things are finally falling into place.

Leslie Knope is a woman with big dreams. A woman I can relate to. She has always known she wanted to work in politics. Since the beginning she has had her sights on the White House. We found out last night that she wrote that she wanted to be the Governor of Indiana in her Kindergarten dream journal. When the series began, the possibility of Leslie making it out of Pawnee seemed slim. It seemed like the entire world was fighting against her. By the end of the series, I imagine every fan of the series believe that she can accomplish anything and everything she sets her mind to.

I do not have the luxury to see into my own future. I do not know if I will accomplish the major goals I have in my life. I know I am going to try. I know that soon, I will be moving on to the next phase and become closer to my dreams than I ever have been before.

Yesterday, I was asked if I was scared. I did not know quite how to respond. Anxious? Yes. Excited? Absolutely. Scared? I don’t really do scared. I don’t make a habit of putting myself in scary situations. Leaving, moving on, going “confidently in the direction of [my] dreams,” these things do not scare me. What would be scary would be not going, not trying, not fighting for the only thing I have ever really wanted in my entire life.

So, am I ready?

“Yes. I’m ready.”


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