Sick Day

Taking sick days is something I am not accustom to doing. Even as a kid, I rarely missed school due to illness. I never asked if I could miss school, never tried to trick my parents into believing I was sick. If I missed school because I was sick, I was likely sick enough that the school would not allow me to come in.

When you are younger, getting sick usually means that another kid in your class was sick and it was your turn. As you get older, I find that getting sick is usually a sign that you need to slow down. Whatever you are doing is not working. Stress, lack of sleep, a general sense of not slowing down. These are the circumstances in which I usually find myself getting sick.

There is no great solution to this issue. I can work less, but then money becomes an issue increasing my stress levels. I can work more, but there are just not enough hours in the week. In the world in which we live, not the world, the society in which we live, people seem to run themselves into the ground until their bodies start literally and physically rejecting their lifestyle. A few days later, we recuperate and start right back where we left off. How long can we sustain this? When is there a break coming? At what point will there be time to just take a breath and let our bodies rest?

I have no answer for this. I don’t know if in this country anyone has a great answer for this. I am starting to wonder if this is the American Dream. It may be time for a new one.