The Great Wide Somewhere

As I am writing this, I am sitting in a Starbucks on the Missouri/Kansas border. I am a little over halfway through my driving for the day. For the next week, I will be driving across the western half of the US making my way to Los Angeles. Outside of a previous trip to California and an airport layover, I am about as far west as I have ever been, and in a week, I will officially be a resident of the West Coast. I could not be more excited.

The last week has been filled with visiting all of my favorite places in Saint Louis and spending time with my family and friends, which was really lovely. The next week will be filled with me traveling to places I have never seen, hopefully the great adventure I have been waiting for. This, of course, will be followed the real adventure, life in Los Angeles.

I don’t have any profound thoughts at this moment, I am hoping the inspiring landscape of the West will do more for my introspection than the Mid-West has done. I cannot express how much I look forward to mountains and oceans and anything beyond prairie land as far as the eye can see.

I will do my best to keep posting throughout my journey, wi-fi access providing.

That’s all for now,

The open road is calling.


Meet Me in Saint Louis

In about a little over a week, I will be leaving St. Louis and moving to the West Coast. So as a tribute to the city where I was born and raised, I asked around for everyone’s favorite local spots. Here is what we came up with.

Image by © Walter Bibikow/JAI/Corbis

Favorite Places to Eat and Drink:

Favorite Places to Eat and Drink (Coffee and Breakfast):

Favorite Places to See a Show

Museums and other Activities:

Favorite Parks

Falling into Place

As you know there has been a lot going on around here. This week has been all about planning. Planning showers and parties and packing and travel, it’s been a little intense. Throughout the week, I have had several little, not even panic attacks, but bouts of stress. I will see something that I have not yet planned within an inch of its life, and I will become so anxious because of this tiny little detail I have not yet fully solved. Then I deal with that tiny little detail and realize that I probably could have waited a week on that one.

Over time, I have learned that things always work out. Not always the way you plan, but for the most part, it all works out. Sometimes, you need hindsight to really see the truth in this, but it seems to be true thus far. Once you come out the other side, you realize, that was how it needed to happen.

Here I am, at a major turning point in, not just my life, but a lot of lives around me. People are getting married, people are moving, people are having children. Things are changing. Some of these changes were planned, some were happy accidents. There are things in life you can plan for. And if there is planning that can be done, I will do it. Seriously, I have spreadsheets for everything. There is also a lot of life that cannot be planned. That doesn’t make it worse. That doesn’t really even make it more stressful. Sometimes the over planning is where the stress really stems from.

I am moving to Los Angeles. A city that juxtaposes itself. On one hand, it is one of the largest and most populated cities in the country. Best known for its traffic, celebrity residents, and fish tacos. On the other hand, the natural landscape is amazing. It sits right on the ocean and is surrounded by mountains, which brings surfers, yogis, and holistic trendsetters. It gets easy to get caught up in the stress of life, making plans to make plans. I think we all just forget to breathe sometimes.

I was in a yoga class last week and having a hard time with some pose I do not normally struggle with. Then I realized I hadn’t taken a breathe in close to 45 seconds. I was working so hard that I forgot to breathe. If you have ever taken a yoga class, you know that breathing is like 75 percent of it. If you are not breathing, you cannot accomplish anything. I think this is true in life on a greater scale as well.

So when life starts to overwhelm you, try to remind yourself, things will fall into place. And don’t forget to breathe.

When it Rains

When I initially started writing this blog, it was because I had so much spare time on my hands and lacked a creative outlet. I thought writing about my experiences would help fill a void in my life. The issue being that there was not much to write about. These days there is so much happening in my life, but no time to sit and write about it.

Life is all about finding balance: busyness versus boredom, work versus a personal life, bingeing on Netflix versus doing anything else; but it seems like every time the scales start to even out, they start to tip the other direction. After almost a year and a half of too much time and too little to do, I have more to do than time to accomplish it. Despite feeling like I am barely trading water, this is where I find I am the most comfortable. Here is where I thrive.

After two very long years, I feel like I am getting back to myself. In reality, it has probably been longer. The downtime was good for me, I know. It gave me a chance to break it all down and start rebuilding. Now, here we go. Onwards and upwards with a renewed sense of self.

Did You Miss Me?

It has been about three months since I last posted anything. My instinct is to make excuses: tell you how busy I have been, blame all of the things that have happened in my life that might somehow justify my absence, go on about how I really need to take more time to do things for myself. But here is what really happened, I have not made this blog a priority. Other things in my life have taken precedence and that is ok. Rather than give you reasons why I have not been posting, I am just going to update you on what has been going on in my life since you last heard from me and let you know what you can expect now that I am back.

First and foremost, my sister is getting married. She got engaged a little over a month ago and has been planning like crazy as she will be getting married in less than six months! As this is always at the front of my mind and a major topic of conversation within my family, you can probably expect to get some posts about wedding festivities, with her permission.

The second major event that is coming very soon is that I am moving from Saint Louis to Los Angeles in just one month. I have wanted to move there my entire life and I cannot express enough how I excited I am that this is finally happening. Expect to hear not only about the changes, but about life in Los Angeles and what all that will bring. I have lived in the Midwest for a vast majority of my life with a brief stint in the South, so I am anticipating a bit of a culture shock in the realm of I cannot believe I get to live here (sorry, Midwest, but you knew what this was…).

The third is more of a consequence of the second than a separate life event, but I will be embarking on a major road trip in a month and seeing parts of the country I have never seen before. So you will certainly read my experiences on this epic road trip and all that comes out of that.


I am very excited about all that is to come, hopefully you will be excited to read about it.