When it Rains

When I initially started writing this blog, it was because I had so much spare time on my hands and lacked a creative outlet. I thought writing about my experiences would help fill a void in my life. The issue being that there was not much to write about. These days there is so much happening in my life, but no time to sit and write about it.

Life is all about finding balance: busyness versus boredom, work versus a personal life, bingeing on Netflix versus doing anything else; but it seems like every time the scales start to even out, they start to tip the other direction. After almost a year and a half of too much time and too little to do, I have more to do than time to accomplish it. Despite feeling like I am barely trading water, this is where I find I am the most comfortable. Here is where I thrive.

After two very long years, I feel like I am getting back to myself. In reality, it has probably been longer. The downtime was good for me, I know. It gave me a chance to break it all down and start rebuilding. Now, here we go. Onwards and upwards with a renewed sense of self.


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