The Great Wide Somewhere

As I am writing this, I am sitting in a Starbucks on the Missouri/Kansas border. I am a little over halfway through my driving for the day. For the next week, I will be driving across the western half of the US making my way to Los Angeles. Outside of a previous trip to California and an airport layover, I am about as far west as I have ever been, and in a week, I will officially be a resident of the West Coast. I could not be more excited.

The last week has been filled with visiting all of my favorite places in Saint Louis and spending time with my family and friends, which was really lovely. The next week will be filled with me traveling to places I have never seen, hopefully the great adventure I have been waiting for. This, of course, will be followed the real adventure, life in Los Angeles.

I don’t have any profound thoughts at this moment, I am hoping the inspiring landscape of the West will do more for my introspection than the Mid-West has done. I cannot express how much I look forward to mountains and oceans and anything beyond prairie land as far as the eye can see.

I will do my best to keep posting throughout my journey, wi-fi access providing.

That’s all for now,

The open road is calling.


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