About Brittany

Hey all,

My name is Brittany Kay and I am a costume designer. I have a MFA in Costume Design from The University of Cincinnati: CCM and a BA in Theatre from Belmont University.

I am in a transient stage of life that may turn out to be a permanent stage of transience (ironic, huh?). Life is always moving and being someone who is in an industry with little stability, I am always on the go.

I love to go on adventures. Whether that adventure entails traveling by myself to a developing country, reading a book that will transport me to another world, or getting incredibly lost trying to find the nearest Olive Garden with a dear friend (which happens surprisingly often).

My plan is to mostly discuss travel, books, crafty things, and living life in the wind. Seeing as how life can be quite unpredictable, who can really say what you may find here in the future.

As for me, today I am in St. Louis, but check back tomorrow.


♥ Britt


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