DIY: Silhouette Painting

For this month’s DIY project, I am going to show you how I made a friend’s wedding present. So, if you just received a wedding gift from me, but have yet to open it, I would hold off on reading this post.

For the couple, I created a piece using the profile silhouettes of their favorite Disney couples. Hers is Belle and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, his is Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled.

For this project, you will need:

  • Photoshop (Or some other photo editing software)
  • The Internet
  • A Printer
  • Card Stock Paper
  • Scissors
  • A blank canvas
  • A Pencil
  • Black Acrylic Paint (I highly recommend Acrylic for this project because of the weight. It is also the best paint for layering color without bleeding)
  • Paint Brushes (I recommend something with a straight stiff bristle, at least for the outlining)
  • Other Acrylic Paints

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How to Waste Time

My original plan for today was to do a DIY Project. I have had this project planned for months. I bought all of the supplies weeks ago. It was a really simple project and it would not take a very long time to complete. I have been setting aside time to work on it for a while now but kept putting it off because I would have plenty of time to do it later. Last night, I started the project and was not able to finish before I had to go to bed. Apparently the nights of staying up until a project is completed are long gone. Also, it was my own deadline, my own project that I was making for myself. I would have tried to buck up and finish it tonight, but I actually have to finish making a gift for someone that I need done by early next week, so this project will just be further delayed until it is time to post another DIY project. It may be a while…

So, instead of showing you step by step, how to make this mystery item, I am going to tell you, step by step, how I managed to waste so very much time.

In truth, I probably overbooked myself. Last Friday was a major holiday. Which, for most people, meant that the holiday weekend became extremely packed with festivals and barbecues and hours by the pool. Plus I had to work a ton. I even went out of town for a business trip for the first part of this week. There was not really a whole heck of a lot of time to finish everything I needed to do. And, like any time in my life where I am super busy and need to use any free time effectively, I did other things instead.

I decided it was time to clean out my closet. For some inexplicable reason (I am sure there is some actual psychological reason for this) whenever I begin feeling stressed, I clean. When I feel really stressed, I really clean. So last week, instead of working on this project, finishing up a mandatory online training session, or packing for my business trip, I decided I should take on what would become a three day task of cleaning out my closet. Now, my closet is not one that is full to the brim with clothes. My closet is where I shove anything I do not want on the floor of my bedroom: clothes, shoes, travel stuff, books, magazines, receipts, bills, junk mail, tools, office supplies, etc. Pretty much anything gets shoved in that closet. I did not have time for this.

I have also recently decided to rewatch all of Lost. The show is now in syndication and I caught a few episodes on TV. Random episodes that I caught here and there. I had absolutely no idea what the heck was going on. I also have never seen the show again after watching the finale. I guess now is as good a time as any to start from the beginning to see if it all holds up in light of how it ended. I am only about halfway through, so I have no answer for you as of yet. To be clear, when I start watching an entire series, I tend to watch episodes whenever possible. So this has taken up quite a bit of time. I am a major multi-tasker, so I am almost always doing something else while I am watching TV, but there are times I just lay on my bed and watch the last few minutes of an episode before I get back to working on whatever it is that I should be working on. And then the whole next episode…

Then there are, of course, the general day to day distractions. Games on my phone that I get obsessed with. Playing with my dogPinterest. Reading random articles. Learning French. Going through my Twitter feed. Taking BuzzFeed Quizzes. Planning trips that I cannot afford to take. You know, things like that. Everything but crack this book I have been meaning to read since I bought it in May, but it is over 700 pages, so that may also not happen for a while.

It is true that you need some mindless distractions, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed. I have finished everything I had to get done this week, so no harm done. Plus, it turns out, while I am out of town next weekend, some of my extended family is taking over the upstairs of my house (including my bedroom and bathroom) for a weekend visit. So the unintended cleaning spree may have been a necessity anyway.

So there you have it. I hope no one was waiting with baited breath for a new DIY project… There will definitely be one in the next month. I have to finish the next project as it about to be someone’s wedding gift, but that won’t get posted until after their gifts have been opened so as not to ruin the surprise. Sorry you ended up with another post of just me spewing thoughts at you. But, as I have told you since the beginning, you get what you pay for.