Did You Miss Me?

It has been about three months since I last posted anything. My instinct is to make excuses: tell you how busy I have been, blameĀ all of the things that have happened in my life that might somehow justify my absence, go on about how I really need to take more time to do things for myself. But here is what really happened, I have not made this blog a priority. Other things in my life have taken precedence and that is ok. Rather than give you reasons why I have not been posting, I am just going to update you on what has been going on in my life since you last heard from me and let you know what you can expect now that I am back.

First and foremost, my sister is getting married. She got engaged a little over a month ago and has been planning like crazy as she will be getting married in less than six months! As this is always at the front of my mind and a major topic of conversation within my family, you can probably expect to get some posts about wedding festivities, with her permission.

The second major event that is coming very soon is that I am moving from Saint Louis to Los Angeles in just one month. I have wanted to move there my entire life and I cannot express enough how I excited I am that this is finally happening. Expect to hear not only about the changes, but about life in Los Angeles and what all that will bring. I have lived in the Midwest for a vast majority of my life with a brief stint in the South, so I am anticipating a bit of a culture shock in the realm of I cannot believe I get to live here (sorry, Midwest, but you knew what this was…).

The third is more of a consequence of the second than a separate life event, but I will be embarking on a major road trip in a month and seeing parts of the country I have never seen before. So you will certainly read my experiences on this epic road trip and all that comes out of that.


I am very excited about all that is to come, hopefully you will be excited to read about it.