The Theory of Everything


The Theory of Everything is a biographical look at the life of Stephen and Jane Hawking. The film is based on the book Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen by Jane Wilde Hawking.

This is a movie that I had been wanting to see for a while. I find Stephen Hawking fascinating. I understand very little of the science (I have never put much effort into understanding science), but I think people who can change the world by solving one math equation have to be pretty interesting people. Beyond that, I love his sense of humor. Stephen Hawking will pop up on shows like The Big Bang Theory from time to time and, playing himself, has some of the greatest one-liners of the series.

I thought the film really captured what I know to be true of the physicist, adding the dynamic of Jane, who I knew almost nothing of. The story was both sweet and devastating, triumphant and heartbreaking.

I was blown away by the performances, which is not something that happens to me very often. I am often happy with performances, or even pleasantly surprised, but rarely blown away. Felicity Jones, is as lovely as ever. I think she is truly one of the greatest actresses of my generation. She is wonderful in everything. This is a particularly difficult character, I would say, for reasons I would rather not say to prevent spoiling even the slightest of plot points, but she tackles it with courage and grace. Eddie Redmayne, who won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama, is stunning. I have never been thoroughly impressed with him before, but this role changes that for me. The physicality of the character is truly incredible, but more than that is the fact that he does not speak for almost half of the film, but still brings such personality to the character that I never felt the loss.

Another area is one that I rarely think of when it comes to film. That is music. I rarely think about music unless I am specifically asked to think about it. During this film, I noticed and really felt the addition of the music. It was sweet and simple and reminded me of this mathematical music that I encountered during a production where the musician turned Pi into the most beautiful song I have ever heard. That is what the score to this film sounds like, and it was perfect.

I highly recommend this film and am very excited to see how it fares as the awards season closes this weekend.